Company Background


Dantran is a registered closed corporation and has been in operation since July 2001. 

Dantran operates from an office at his home at 45 Van Bergen Street Brackenhurst Alberton Gauteng, where full office facilities and training are provided.  We have associates which we contract too, for training work we cannot manage ourselves and for bookkeeping.


Gavin has many years experience in the Transport Sector, as distribution transport manager, distribution training manager and manager of hazardous and dangerous goods practices.  He now concentrates on training personnel within the sector, specialising in Dangerous Goods.  There is a large demand and this will continue as drivers and handlers of dangerous goods need regular re-testing according to the National Road Act/hazchem

Gavin has also assisted in writing unit standards at Level 1 & 3 for the National Certificate in Transport and currently is a member of the RFA dangerous goods committee, Caia (Chemical and Allied Industries Association) and represents the SACGA (South African Compressed Gases Association) as a member of the SANS codes of Practice for dangerous goods.

Compliance with new training moderator and Development practices

Gavin and Wayne are registered Moderators/Assessors both with the ETDP (SETA) and TETA.  The programme on Dangerous Goods complies with Regulation 280 of the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996, and with unit standards registered with SAQA, is accredited as a provider of training by both the TETA and NDOT.  Accreditation No.  03 / 004. for TETA and PrDP (D2008/7) for DOT.

Our Vision

To make a difference to the South African economy and environment by becoming a leading provider of quality training and assessment to personal involved in the transportation and storage of dangerous goods.

Mission Statement

Dantran training and Assessing Services has a mission to provide accredited learning programs of the best quality, which will bring about the safe handling, transportation and storage of dangerous goods throughout Southern Africa and neighbouring countries.

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